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The Joy Troopers x AiB Bundle

The Androidsinboots team is a team of imagemakers who believe in the importance of visual storytelling. Their craft isn’t just about creating the familiar and the good; they embrace unconventionality and eclecticism, they create based on personalities and emotion.

With that common goal in mind; creating a wedding experience that is unique to our couples, The Joy Troopers are honoured to be able to work with AiB to offer an irresistable decoration package to our couples.


Experience the wedding right from the start! - Reception

Along the corridor to the reception area, guests will be welcomed by hints of the theme of your wedding. This includes various themed handcrafted guiding signages and hanging decorations.

Down the memory lane - Photo Display Setup

Walk through your guests with memories of your childhood, love journeys and reveal a little on how far you guys have come. Let your guests share your joy and celebrate this important day with you!

Reception Package + Down the Memory Lane Package - $1200

Fresh floral jars - additional $200

Hanzhi + Weikiat-5.jpg

Your forever starts here - Solemnisation

The "YES!" moment. Choose from themes available or share your ideal theme with us. We will try our best to create it and include it in our package and  you will be the first to use them!

Package includes:

- Backdrop
- Aisle decor
- Bride and groom chairs

Solemnisation Package - $1500

The Joy Troopers x AiB Promotion Bundle

Reception Areas +

Down the Memory Lane table +

Solemnisation Package +

- $2200 (usu. $2700)

Only available for AiB couples