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About Hanzhi

Love stories fascinates me, no matter how simple, how dramatic, it's the individuality of the people that makes us curious. "How did you meet?", "How did he ask you?", "What's special about him?", "She's the one, isn't it?" we often ask.

I love meeting couples, listening to their stories, sharing mine, and observing their little love gestures. Through interactions and questionaires, I get to know them better, often become friends.

Sifting out memorable moments and unique characteristics of a relationship, identifying what's most meaningful to the couple and translating those thoughts into visuals for their guests, are goals I set to achieve.

Every wedding and parties are like collaborations, we explore and experiment; we experience the joy and surprises. 



Hanzhi is a BA graduate in Photography and Digital imaging, a self-taught Brand & Packaging Designer and Illustrator (, a Creative Director at A.Muse (, a Daughter, the Youngest child, has 3 Sisters, a Wife-to-be of an eldest son who has 3 brothers. 

Confused? Sometimes, she's a little overwhelmed too. 

I see my life as an experiment, and definitely an experience. We've just gotta try everything we love, even for a small detail that intrigues and interests us. Some lasted a little shorter than others, but we learn something new all the time. That's why chances and opportunities come and go in our lives.

I'm blessed. Very fortunate to have a supportive family, and a hubby-to-be. Definitely not in the monetary sense, but the faith and encouragement, sometimes honest criticism. Do they know exactly what I'm doing, I doubt. 

That's why they are Family.

Thank you to the Khoos, and the Chans. 

"Our Family is a Circle of Strengths and Love. With Every Birth & Union it Grows, Every Crisis faced Together makes the Circle Stronger."